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Team Handbook


Welcome to one of the greatest track and field programs around. As coaches that have invested many,
many years into coaching, we are excited to have you join us for the 2018 season. Please review this
hand book so you know what we expect of you and what you can expect of us. Upon joining the team,
all athletes and parents are considered committed to these team guidelines. Feel free to email your
event specific coach anytime with questions or concerns.
Jeff Facer (head coach, sprints 100m, 200m, 400m) facerj@d93.k12.id.us
Bob Hagert (relays, 400m, 800m) hagertr@d93.k12.id.us
Bob Neal (distance: 1 mile, 2 mile) nealr@d93.k12.id.us
Emily Ward (throws: discuss, shot) warde@d93.k12.id.us
Mike Jorgensen (hurdles: 100m, 110m, 300m) basketballjorg@msn.com
Devin Scoresby (jumps: long, high, triple) devinscoresby@yahoo.com

? COMPLETE PAPERWORK @ https://home.registermyathlete.com/login

Team communications
There will be a team calendar set up on google classroom that will contain the schedule and times for
buses and meets. The google class code is: 6UFP49

Review the season calendar found in google classroom. Athletes are expected to attend every practice
and all meets they qualify for (some are “varsity” or “jv” specific).
***IMPORTANT*** We realize that student athletes have jobs, music activities, church and family
obligations – we as coaches ask you to sacrifice, but we are willing to work with your schedule if you can
still honor your agreed-upon commitment to our team. Communication is key: Please review our
attendance policy carefully and let us know if you have a concern about what is required to be a part of
this great program.
Before a planned absence occurs: Athletes are responsible for letting your event coach know, in writing
(email or written), that they will miss a practice or a meet. It is not the coach’s responsibility to chase
down athletes and find out where they were hiding during practice. Each athlete (or parent) should
contact your event coach personally (do not rely on friends to tell the coach) about the absence.
Speaking to a coach is not the same as a written not or email. In the event of illness or emergency,
coaches appreciate notification as soon as possible.
Excused absences: Athletes who miss school due to illness are excused from practices and competitions;
please bring a note after your illness letting us know why you were gone. Athletes involved in school
clubs (choir, band, etc) or other sports (spring soccer, club volleyball, etc) are encouraged to join the
track team. Coaches can work with most schedules if the athlete is willing to make the effort to do both
School attendance requirement: Athletes must attend all classes the day of a meet in order to compete
in that meet. ***When athletes are dismissed from school early, ALL classes must be attended up until
the dismissal time.
Unacceptable reasons to miss practice: Homework or tests (these can be made up before school and/or
at lunch), routine doctor or dentist appointments, feeling poorly but still came to school (if need be, we
will modify your workout – but you still need to come to practice), hair appointment, birthday party,
injury (you can usually still practice/workout in some way). Leaving practice early is the same as not
attending – you must have a coach approval if you leave before practice ends.
Injury absences: Sometimes, ailments such as a sore knee or a headache are used as an excuse to skip
or leave a practice early. While some injuries are legitimate and may require a doctor appointment or
time away from practice, the majority should not require an athlete to go home after school. Designated
areas and instructions for biking, weight lifting, core exercises, and stretching are provided for athletes
who can’t complete team workouts.
Spring Break: Athletes must compete the workouts assigned by their event coach. Athletes will be
expected to report back their results after the break.
Consequences for unexcused absences (skipped practices or meets with NO NOTICE given to a coach):
? First: Athlete misses the next scheduled meet.
? Second: Possible dismissal from the team.

We hope to give athletes as many chances to compete as possible. Some of you could potentially
compete in 10 meets this season. JV athletes can expect 6-8 opportunities to compete. This represents a
lot of missed class time, which is a privilege. Participation on the track team will not be at the expense
of your schoolwork.
Pre-season eligibility: We follow the IHSAA rules to decide pre-season eligibility (2.0 GPA and you must
have passed 5 of the last 6 classes)
In season eligibility: Athletes will not be able to compete if they have a grade of F, at the time of a meet,
in any class. Athletes must also be enrolled in 5 classes during the season.
Grades will be checked each week and any student with an F must bring a current print out of your
grades or an email from your teacher stating that you have competed sufficient work that your grade is
no longer an F before you are allowed to compete. Don’t end your season before it begins.
Be a team! Train hard, compete hard, be respectful, succeed in the classroom, and have fun.
Before joining the team, athletes and parents are expected to read and sign the attached team contract.
Athletes who display an unwillingness to follow workout and safety instructions, or have a persistent
attitude that demeans teammates, opponents, coaches or the sport of track and field will be dismissed
from the team.

Recent events in Eastern Idaho have raised community awareness of “hazing” in its various forms,
especially acts committed by upper-classmen to freshmen. Social Media forums have also been used to
harass and embarrass team and classmates in inappropriate ways. Hazing in any form is unacceptable
for anyone who is a part of this program and will not be tolerated. Athletes will treat each other with
respect and report any issues of bullying, harassment, or hazing to a coach immediately.

Life Style Issues
Sleep: Good sleep habits are crucial to the success of your season. Adequate sleep (8-10 hours per day
not per week) especially during the hours before midnight, is essential for exercise recovery.
Nutrition: A proper nutritional plan is essential to the success of your training program. Athletes should
eat a variety of nutritious food and avoid unhealthy choices. A healthy amount of proteins,
carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins should be a part of your daily diet. In addition, intake of fiber
and water are also essential. Please contact your coaches if you are unsure about which foods will help
you have the most successful season.
Hydration: Sufficient water intake is crucial to maintaining efficiency in nearly all body functions. It is
equally important to adaptations from training. Athletes should drink at least 10-16 cups of water daily,
spread throughout the day. Athletes should eliminate, if possible, coffee tea carbonated drinks and
especially energy drinks.
Injuries: Proper training methods, diet, rest, and hydration can prevent many injuries. However, getting
hurt is sometimes a part of athletic participation. Please use common sense, listen to your body, and
maintain open communication with your coaches about aches/pains, and potential injuries. While
soreness is ok, pain is not. When in doubt, athletes should talk to a coach.
Athletic.net: Idaho uses the web to keep track of performances from all High School Track
and Field Meets. To follow the progress of the team or individual athletes, check out www.athletic.net
Team Uniforms/gear: Athletes compete in a standard uniform (top and bottom) which the
athlete purchases online. If you are changing schools, or are a senior, we may purchase the uniform back
depending on the condition. The buyback price is $12 each (top and bottom separately).
Anything worn underneath that uniform (spandex tops/bottoms) should be all black (no logos other
than school logos and no piping or patterns). Any extra clothing worn with the uniform needs to be
approved prior to the meet (not the day of the meet).
Athletes on a relay must have all matching uniforms, i.e. if more than one person wears compression
shorts under the team shorts, they must match.

On the day of a meet, the coaches would like the team to wear their warm-ups, team hoodie, or team t-
shirt to school. The other option is for boys to wear a nice shirt and tie with dress pants and girls wear a

dress or skirt/dress pants and nice shirt. Look like champions before becoming champions.

Off Season
The track team strives to be active in the off-season. We encourage athletes to try a new sport when
you aren’t doing track. Support cross country, volleyball, football, basketball, or wrestling teams by
joining and learning a new skill. The track team also offers opportunities to improve in the off-season.
We have winter and summer workouts you can do and many athletes can get together to train in the

Varsity Letter Requirements
In order to qualify for a Varsity Letter, athletes must achieve at least one of the following criteria:
1. Break a school record (individual or relay)
2. Compete in the state track meet (individual or relay)
3. Earn a top-8 finish in at least one individual event at the District Meet
4. End the season as an HHS top-3 athlete in an individual running event
5. Exceed the following marks in field events:
? HJ (4’8” – g, 5’8” – b) PV (7’6” – g, 11’ – b) TJ (33’ – g, 38’ – b)
? LJ (14’ – g, 18’6” – b) Disc (77’ – g, 105’ – b) shot (28’6” – g, 39’6” – b)
6. Show enthusiasm and commitment to such a high degree that all coaches agree that your
positive attitude and contribution to the team as a whole merits a varsity letter

Frequently asked questions
Q: How are athletes supposed to get to a meet?
A: all athletes and coaches will ride to meets on the team bus. Athletes will be dismissed from class with
adequate time to get ready to load the bus for the meet. Athletes may ride home with their own parent
if that parent signs the athlete out themselves.
Q: Will meets or practices ever get cancelled?
A: A school cancellation results in no practice or meet that day. However, unless school is cancelled,
practices are not cancelled for bad weather. Be prepared to practice every day. Track meets may be
cancelled for bad weather and athletes will be notified by a school announcement. When a meet is
cancelled, plan on still having practice.
Q: What should athletes wear to practices?
A: Safety is our #1 concern. In cold/windy weather, bring a warm hat, gloves, sweat/wind pants, and a
jacket/hoodie. Please wear adequate sneakers/running shoes (no skater shoes, boots, dress shoes, or
Q: Can IPODS or MP3 players or cell phones be used at practice?
A: Due to safety concerns, these devices are not allowed at practice unless your coach specifically gives
you permission, but you may have it on the bus or at the meets. However, we are not responsible for
lost/stolen items. ***(Electronics are not allowed on the field or track during competition)
Q: How many practices must I attend to compete in the first meet?
A: Athletes are required 10 practices before competing in a meet. One day is one practice even if there
are two practices that day.

Track and Field Team Contract and Survey

Read, sign, and return to the head coach

Athlete full name:____________________________ Gender: Male Female Grade: 9 10 11 12
Cotton T-shirt size: XS S M L XL XXL XXXL Tech t-shirt: XS S M L XL XXL XXL


ALL Parents: Please fill out your contact info below. If you can volunteer at one of our home track meets as a timer,
official, field event help, etc, please circle yes in the box below and we well contact you.
Name:__________________________ Phone #: ____________________________
Email: __________________________ I would like to help at track meets: YES NO

2018 Team Contract
Athletes Parents and Coaches agree to the following. I will...
1. Emphasize academics before athletics: I recognize that no F’s are required to compete at track
2. Stay current on the schedule and where meets are held and what time the bus leaves by joining
google classroom and checking the team calendar.
3. Show respect for teammates, opponents, parents, and coaches in person and on social media.
4. Avoid swearing or obscenities, in person or via music/video/social media.
5. Comply with all standards and expectations found in the 2018 team handbook.
Athletes agree to: I, ______________________________ (print name), agree to...
1. Attend every practice and meet. Rare absences will be requested in advance in writing.
2. Inform a coach in writing if I am injured and visiting with the trainer for any reason.
3. Separate myself from the groups that demean others or breed negativity in any way including social
4. Follow all coach instructions and work hard in practice.
5. Be a positive role model for younger athletes as an ambassador for the sport of track and field.
Parents agree to: : I, ______________________________ (print name), agree to...
1. Accept the authority of coaches to determine team strategy and individual training.
2. Avoid the use of tobacco and refrain from being under the influence of alcohol when around
3. Provide only supportive comments to coaches, officials, and players of all teams.
4. Bring concerns directly to a coach before they become a major issue.
5. Show enthusiasm, interest, and support for my athlete by attending as many contests as possible
Coaches agree to: I, (all track coaches) agree to...
1. Model excellent sportsmanship 100% on and off the field.
2. Make time to speak with parents about concerns at a time that is mutually convenient.
3. Keep up-to-date on the best coaching strategies
4. Recognize personal performance and improvement as more important than winning or losing.
5. Enforce all team rules consistently and fairly.
Signature of Athlete: ___________________________ Date: __________________
Signature of Parent(s): __________________________ Date: __________________

This year we will be selling Raffle tickets for the Toyota vehicle and/or collecting donations for the track
program. The funds will be used to replace, maintain, and repair track equipment, pay for buses and
entry fees, help with team recruiting, provide for the end of year awards, etc. Each athlete is expected
to fully participate in the fundraiser. Being a part of a team means just that, each athlete is a part and
need to contribute in all aspects. Every athlete pulls his/her weight and fully participates.
Athletes will have total responsibility for the funds and product. If funds/merchandise is lost or stolen,
he/she must pay for the product. Athletes should never leave merchandise in lockers or unattended in
classrooms. It is the athlete’s responsibility to turn all funds and remaining product into the book keeper
and bring a receipt to the coaches for record keeping. Please do not deposit money received from the
fundraiser into a personal account and then write a personal check to the school for the total, moneys
turned in must be as collected.
It is expected that each athlete will collect a minimum of $50 in donations or sales.
Make checks payable to HHS Track program.

Ap 5th Annual Honor Role Recipient
Thunder Ridge High School
Idaho Falls, ID 83401